June 29, 2005
From Pat Grissom
Re: 3243 Vista Del Mundo
Camino, CA. 95709

Dear Vince: I just want to thank you for all your efforts in the
sale of my home.

Over the years I have bought and sold homes and frankly, I
was dreading the sale of this home. I expected it to be the
usual headaches/nightmares. However, from the get-go,
things were different. While I only knew you from the
brochures you sent (and your wife's GREAT recipes that
were included), you treated me like family. Given the difficult
situation, this meant the world to me.

I was first impressed with how efficiently you oversaw the
repairs, completing all well before escrow. I appreciated the
fact that I was able to fax documents to you rather than run
back and forth. When the house sold within three days, I was
grateful for the way that you talked me through the often
confusing documents and protected me when I was signing
the papers. Everything was perfectly clear!

At that point, I think most brokers would consider themselves
done but you even followed up, reminding me to be certain
that the proceeds from the sale of my home were properly

Again, many thanks. You are an asset to ReMax and the


Pat Grissom
June 2, 2003

Dear Vince,

Our escrow has closed---very clean and fast.  In fact, the whole
process of selling my house has been handled in a most
satisfactory manner!

I am so grateful to you for all the assistance you gave me on
this transaction.  As you know, I live about 3 hours away from
Placerville, so it would have been difficult to handle all the
tasks that needed to be done.  You worked with me, and
assisted with whatever was needed.  I especially appreciated
your practical advice in so many areas---what do we need to
do to the house? How shall we price it? etc.  The experience
was a very positive one, and we got a very good sale at a price
just $5000 off my original expectation (in a field of a lot of
competition!)  Most of all, thank you for keeping me informed
with calls and faxes.  This has undoubtedly been the
experience I have ever
had with a realtor---thank
you so much!
Sincerely yours,

Judy Puthuff
March 25, 2004

Dear Vince,

My Fiancé and I couldn’t be happier!
We are very grateful for your help
with selling our Town home and
buying our dream home!!

Within three days of listing our town-home it was sold, and for
over the asking price!! We thought it would take at least a
month or two, thanks to you and all of your wisdom…we were
able to sell and buy within 72 hours!

We believe it’s important to completely trust your Realtor,
and throughout the entire process you defined trust between
a Realtor and his/her client over and over again. You made
this transaction a pleasant one by keeping us completely
informed and up to date on all the details.

We truly appreciate all that you have done and look forward
to working with you again on our third dream home.

Many thanks and best wishes to you and the Tornincasa

Mr. and soon to be, Mrs. Maskalik
CONTACT VINCE TODAY:  CALL (530) 644-4846  or EMAIL: vincetornincasa@yahoo.com

DRE #00523131
November 11, 2008

Dear Vince,

We’d like to thank you again for helping us sell our home in
the Bay Area and buy a new home in El Dorado County. We
love our new home! We truly appreciate your
professionalism in coaching, listening and reassuring us as
we went through this process.

In today’s incredibly tumultuous market, we experienced
highs and lows, and you were always honest, understanding
and patient. We also appreciated how you walked us
through the paperwork, answered our questions and
consistently followed through.

Having worked with you in buying and selling several homes
throughout the past 25 years, we still couldn’t imagine using
any other realtor/broker. Any home buyer or seller who
wants an agent that possesses superior customer service,
keen market knowledge and sharp negotiating skills would
be wise to work with you.

Thanks again.

Bob and Diana Hodges
August 13, 2009

Dear Vince,

Excellent job finding me just the right property in Roseville, I
could not have done it without you!  Your expertise helped
make an otherwise difficult and disruptive process smooth
and seamless.  From the first property viewing to the final
closing paperwork you were always on top of the situation,
lending thoughtful advice every step of the way.  I liken the
invaluable incite you bring to real estate to a trusted financial
advisor coupled with a broad base of property market
acumen…  a winning combination!
A person’s character is reflected in the way they conduct
business.  From working with you, I got a strong sense of a
well centered person that helped you project a calm
confidence to all aspects of your professional dealings.  
There is also a real passion in your approach to your work, I
never got the sense that your advice was rote or canned,
which also kept the house search fresh and engaging for me.
All in all, I was very pleased with the entire house purchase
process Vince, Kudos to you!  I will definitely be contacting
you for all my future real estate transactions.

Best Regards,
Steve Lemke
July 2011

KUDOS~~~~Thanks Vince, for guiding me through weeks of
anticipation-- and hoping-- to sell my home.. you have been
calm and collected through it all and never gave up hope..
giving me hope.... I made the best decision of my life when I
called you to be my realtor and thank you for guiding me
along the way.... will keep in touch now and then...

thanks again...

Chris Waller
Feburary 2012

When we put our house up for sale, we put our trust in Vince's
very capable hands. He did not disappoint us!

He was there for us every day to watch over our vacant house
while it was on the market.

It closed escrow on February 22nd.

Thank You Vince!!

Bill & Ruth Tubman
January 2011

Dear Vince,

Just a note to thank you for doing such a good job in the sale
of my Home in Placerville.  You were on top of every move
and made the transaction a pleasant one for everyone
involved.  Your knowledge on Real Estate dealings and
transactions are the greatest of anyone I have dealed with.  I
highly recommend your office to anyone buying or selling
property in the area.  

Thanks again.      

Keith Maggini
May 25, 2013

Dear Vince,

Just a note to let you know how happy we are to have had you
handling the sale of our house.

We have never had the sale of property go so smoothly. We
didn't have to do anything but turn the sale over to you and it
was done.

Thank you so much for having the sale go so smoothly, we will
call you when we are ready to sell the other property,

Thank again,

Bob & Arleen Lombardi
SOLD Lake Tahoe Cabin

Dear Vince,

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank-you for being
so caring in the sale of my home. You negotiated in my best
interest in both the house on Camino Heights and the
purchase of my new home. Thanks for calling and keeping
me informed about what was going on.

Marilyn Rattie
2972 Camino Heights Dr,
August 24, 2013


While selling a home is usually done with excitement for
what's coming next, it is also sometimes done when the home
becomes too much for the owners to maintain. This was the
case with my parents, as they realized that it was time for
them to move into a residence where they would have less
home maintenance needs and more personal care. I want to
commend Vince Tornincasa for the patience and care he
showed, and the extra efforts he put forth to ease this
process for my parents. It was a sad move for them, and the
way that Vince worked with them eased the process.  

Diane Faria
April 14, 2014

Dear Vince,

Dave , Margaret and I want to thank you for assisting us in
buying our beautiful home. We appreciate all you have done
for us...We also want to thank you very much for our lovely
gift, it meant so much to us all.
You are a good person and a good salesman.
"Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others can't keep it
from themselves."

Thanks for everything.

Your new friends,
Dave, Margaret,
and Cindy.
April 2014

Dear Vince:

I want to take this opportunity to personally thank you for the
professional, caring service you provided in the sale of my
daughter’s house.  Making the decision to sell a family home
is never easy and can often be traumatic.  Your 37+ years
of experience as a real estate broker, your extensive
knowledge of the surrounding area, your expert advice, and
your courteous, personal, attention to my daughter’s
requirements were invaluable and very much appreciated.

I will, without hesitation, be pleased to refer you to anyone
needing excellent service.

Geraldine StPierre
April 14, 2014

December 2014

Thank you, Vince, for all you have done, and your patience
with us.  It has been a pleasure doing business with you.
Linda picked up the escrow funds today for Dad and Mom.  
We picked up the CD at the house today for the paperwork.
We were able to get most of the house vacuumed today
before the vacuum gave out...

We hope the new buyers enjoy the house.

Thanks again,

Diana and Keary Painter
July 30, 2014

Hi Vince,

Thank you very much in for your assistance and advice in
selling our home.  Meeting you at the Camino Hills annual
picnic last year and keeping in contact over the last year
landed us a great real estate broker that we are proud to
recommend to our family and friends.  

Keep in touch.

Linda and Dennis
of Camino CA.
Dear Vince,

I live out of state and owned a home in Camino, CA that I was
ready to sell.  Vince was recommended by a neighbor
because he was experienced with the area and also lived in
the neighborhood where my house was located.  I flew to CA
to initially meet Vince and start the process for listing the
home.  He was very thorough prior to my visit with providing
comps and other information specific to selling a home in CA
which made our first meeting very productive.  Being out of
state, I appreciated the timely communications with updates.  
We actually had a buyer very quickly and with Vince's help
the closing was one of the fastest and easiest of any I've
heard of (and I think it set a record for Vince).  I would highly
recommend Vince for his expertise in the area, his customer
relations skills, and keeping his clients constantly in the loop
with communication.  Thanks again for all your help!

Vicki and Warren Jones
April 24, 2017
      Vince of Vince Tornincasa Real Estate, Camino did a
fantastic job both in the sale of my home and the purchase
of a new home for my family.
      Throughout the processes he demonstrated an astuteand practical

knowledge of real estate. His real strengths werein the nuances of
negotiation and contract writing, especially in the development of counter
offers. He provided well thoughtout advice on all aspects of the processes
but alwaysreinforced the fact that all decisions were ultimately mine and
when I did deviate from a recommendation he supported my decision and

made it work. The area of his expertise that actually surprised me was in the counter offers he wrote on my behalf. On
several occasions he asked for concessions that, at the time, I had no idea would save me so much money. His counter
offers weeded out offers that weren’t serious and would have wasted my time and money. At other times he structured a
contract as to get the potential buyer or seller to more fully commit to the sale. If I had written the counter offers on my own
the sales could easily have taken months longer to complete.
      He negotiated on my behalf with the benefit of decades of experience and never lied or even approached anything
remotely unethical.
      He new which repairs to make to the house I sold that would increase the sale price and or speed at which the house
sold and those repairs that would cost me time and money yet get me nothing in return.
      I really appreciated his letting me know the down sides of the properties I was looking at to purchase. He didn’t just point
out the positives of each home in the hope of making a fast sale and collecting his commission. He always pointed out the
negatives of a home or neighborhood. When I purchased my new home, thanks to him, I was fully informed of the potential
down side of my decision and yes I am absolutely happy with the decision I made, but thanks to Vince it was a one hundred
percent informed decision. There were no post purchase surprises.
      I wouldn’t hesitate to contract with Vince again and have already recommended him to friends.

Michael Matus